Strong chess-players consistently make purposeful moves, focused on the consequences of that move and how it will help them to achieve their objectives.


Born in Namibia, then moved to Cape Town at 7. After 25 years of life, Gordon travelled through 11 Countries over an 8-month period, settled in Los Angeles with “nothing” but a free mind.”

What is nothing – no relationships, no money, no education, no work permit, no job…alone but with a plan, one that I am still living.

He is not going to tell you about all his accomplishments until you ask.

Why should you care about what he has done, you should not at all, so long as he thinks his life is awesome!  You should only care about how he did it?

You can only be you. What makes you happy and fulfilled, is having choices in good and tough times.

In thinking ahead, he would like to show you how to set that up for yourself, that is exactly why we are here.

Still having more fun and excitement than he ever could have imagined, he keeps coming back for more…. and wants to show you how to have the same!

Hold tight, let’s go!!

Each 45 minute session is interactive and thought compelling, focused on ways to improve your personal strengths and people skills and continue to build a lasting sphere of influence around you.

Discover, the bold truth about what you know about yourself and can realistically achieve, right now!

Explore ways to meet your expectations and beliefs about your future.

Redirect your efforts to leverage time and energy and understand the important information that you should not ignore.

learn which questions to ask

Discover, the bold truth about what we know and can realistically achieve, right now!

Explore your own expectations and beliefs.

Rediscover Logic. Become a better, stronger and a more powerful force.

Create a sustainable, and workable plan to ensure a lifetime of more peace, love and happiness.

Do Your Best You!

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