Your Message when you Speak?

Have you said something only to regret it right after. You struggle with whether to quickly apologize or hope that the other person did not realize or get what you just said. Do you draw more attention to it or quickly change the subject? Many people don’t realize that after they say something, they leave […]

Do you know which Excuse is Best??

How many times have you tried to give a business your money and just shook your head at how almost impossible it is to do? It is uncanny how that works. Somebody wants to sell you goods and services so that they can make a profit, support their family, and sustain the business operation for […]

Are You Likable?

How many times have you wondered if a meeting with a particular person could’ve, should’ve, would’ve gone a different way if not for something you inadvertently said or did that possibly turned them off. Often, we just don’t realize, but fantastic opportunities fade away because people simply just don’t find us to be likable. It […]