Your Message when you Speak?

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Have you said something only to regret it right after. You struggle with whether to quickly apologize or hope that the other person did not realize or get what you just said. Do you draw more attention to it or quickly change the subject?

Many people don’t realize that after they say something, they leave behind a very strong message. They don’t really know if the person got the message, understood the message or has taken the message too hot. This can be a good message, but the object of this article is to draw attention to the negativity that is put out there without the required awareness. It is obvious that one’s level of awareness has a huge impact on the ultimate outcome and quality of one’s life.

Being unaware is tantamount to being uneducated. We all know the value of education, but we don’t all know that education comes from every interaction and experience from every living moment.
It must be the education that is not found in books, that is holding people back. We don’t know what we don’t know. It’s a fact.

Almost all education, in all its forms, is free today, so why would everyone not be educated to the max? Emotional awareness and the value of the interaction between people are one form of education that is arguably the most important, yet the most difficult to grasp.

We all have something to say, and we often say it but we don’t always realize that what we just said could easily be misinterpreted.

Not everyone gets the message but those that do take your message to heart will undoubtedly react or respond. People sometimes need some time to process what was just said to them and so the outcome will be delayed.

Clarity, honesty, and sincerity goes along way with every single word that comes out of our mouths. Many relationships have been destroyed over words, sometimes words that were never meant, were said in jest, or said without the understanding of the recipients’ personal circumstances or past.

By speaking without thinking, and saying something derogatory, insensitive or by generalizing, allowing one’s own past experiences to sway opinions, can really hurt somebody deeply. Just by saying something seemingly trivial because you did not realize the message of your words can have an adverse effect on your relationship.

It can hit so hard, hurting someone so deeply without you ever knowing the profound negative effect on that person’s feelings. Simple empathy can prevent one from saying something insensitive and avoid leaving a distasteful impression.

There are those that know you well enough to understand your message, and have decided that you are ignorant, insensitive, or mean and may tolerate you, but will never really get close to you.

Opportunities will be lost, and friendships will be denied because of what you said or how you said it but more especially, because of the interpretation of what they thought it meant even if you did not mean it.

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