The Make-or-Break Factor for Businesses

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How many times have you tried to give a business your money and just shook your head at how almost impossible it is to do?

It is uncanny how that works. Somebody wants to sell you goods and services so that they can make a profit, support their family, and sustain the business operation for as long as possible, yet they put you through unnecessary hoops to support therm.

Is it even possible to fathom that they would make it as hard as they possibly can for you to have a pleasant experience, all while keeping them in business. They won’t talk to you on the phone and will make you spend 20 minutes on something that could have taken 5 minutes or less.

Think about how you make other people feel when they come to you, asking for help with something that they need or want, sometimes desperately, sometimes in a hurry or sometimes just because they are feeling good wanting to spend some money, in your establishment.

It’s hard to believe but sometimes it’s the owner of the business who’s the impatient mean one, or is simply rude to you, which is the very last thing you would expect. One might understand that a dissatisfied employee, who may be working under difficult conditions, might not care as much about the business.

Every one of us has some difficulty to overcome, many bring those personal difficulties to work and then take it out customers, the very people that help provide them the job that is so critically needed.

Also interesting is how some employees would treat a customer in such away that they wouldn’t ever accept should the roles be reversed. Every sales or service person is also customer somewhere, almost every day. It is not that hard to imagine yourself on the other side of the counter and asking yourself how you might want to be treated, when you are shopping and spending your precious time and hard-earned money.

Furthermore, one could quite easily look at each customer as having the potential to become two or more customers, through referrals, a.k.a. word of mouth.

In every kind of business there is always the chance to give whoever is giving you the opportunity, the best possible experience. It is extremely naïve to think that if a customer has a bad experience in your establishment that they are ever going to come back, and worse is that instead of just not coming back, they are going to go out of their way to tell several other people not to support your establishment.

Another bizarre concept is how sometimes you must literally chase someone to help them. This is completely illogical and is one of the top reasons why businesses fail despite the quality of their merchandise, and the money they spent on making their business look incredible. Allowing people to have a bad experience in your establishment will almost always lead you down the path to failure.

One cannot always expect an employee to bring their A-Game to work if the owner of the establishment has not taken the time or made the necessary investment in training their personnel to be the best that they can be.

There’s no easy answer but think about how easy or difficult it is to do business with you. Objectively speaking you can make immediate changes that will most definitely affect the bottom line in a positive way.

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